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Hugo’s Cover Up Allerhande

For 40 years, we have been making Allerhande magazine, featuring recipes that millions of Dutch people follow almost every month.

What did we want to unlock? | Unlocking full potential

For 40 years, we have been making Allerhande magazine, featuring recipes that millions of Dutch people follow almost every month. The Allerhande brand today is much more than just a magazine.

Cross-media translations and original content can be found on the website, social media channels and YouTube channel, helping people to put a tasty meal on the table easily and inexpensively.

Every day, we strive to achieve the target KPIs with this content and to reach as many people as possible. For example, we developed a number of formats for YouTube to achieve subscription growth (channel growth), increase engagement and extend the viewing time per video. 

Tooling provides insight into viewing behavior around food and recipes

What was our typical Matter approach? | Data/tech meets creativity

In order to arrive at the right starting points and insights, we began by collecting as much information and data as possible. We do this with the help of tooling and by talking to our target group.

Tooling helps us gain insight into viewing behaviour around food and recipes, and to see which type of videos are most watched, and what length the videos should be. In addition, the digital Allerhande team has daily contact with the target group thanks to webcare – a great way to identify questions and needs.

What have we discovered? | Data/tech meets creativity

The cover of the print version of Allerhande is always the showpiece, the face of the new edition that makes your mouth water. It’s the first reason to put the magazine in your shopping basket. This applies to every edition, but the cover of the Christmas Allerhande edition is eagerly anticipated by many.

We discovered that these beautiful, delicious-looking photos really invite others to make them and that people want to make their own dishes look just as great. That’s a wonderful starting point to show that anyone can make the cover!

What was our solution? | Content solutions

Based on this insight, we came up with the Hugo’s Cover up format. A YouTube series that shows how much fun it is to make the cover of Allerhande yourself.

In the format, chef Hugo Kennis makes the cover together with a Dutch celebrity or influencer. In terms of content, we have made the video extra attractive for the viewer by implementing a game element. At the beginning, Hugo and his guest only get to see the cover for 10 seconds. Then the image is covered. Then they both get to work making the recipe. Only at the end of the episode is their work compared to the real cover. How close are they to the original?

The tense wait for the end result extends the viewing time; after all, the viewer has something to look forward to. During the episode there is room for a personal story from the guests who are known and appeal to the target group.

By publishing the video simultaneously with the release of the new print magazine, we also increase the current value of the video and the link between print and online. 

Numbers don’t lie! | Data

The viewing time of Hugo’s Cover Up videos (a series of five) was on average 47% higher than that of regular recipe videos from Allerhande.

The series together contributed to a 2% growth in the number of subscribers.