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SEO content for MediaMarkt

Effective indexing on search engines like Google doesn't occur just automatically. It requires excellent SEO content. Matter developed this for MediaMarkt... with success.

What did we want to unlock? | Unlocking full potential

MediaMarkt has been one of Europe’s leading consumer electronics players in Europe for over 40 years. Throughout this period, they have maintained the same customer promise: assisting customers in their electronic choices. The customer experience (Experience Electronics) is paramount, alongside personalized expert advice on electronic devices. MediaMarkt engages with its customers individually, both in physical stores and on its website. To fulfill their online customer promise, Matter collaborates with MediaMarkt to create daily inspiring content that precisely meets consumers’ information needs. We do this for customers in the Netherlands and Belgium (both Flanders and Wallonia).

This approach enhances MediaMarkt’s discoverability and visibility, both directly on the website and through search engines.

What was our typical Matter approach? | Data & tech meets creativity

Using analytical tools, we, along with MediaMarkt specialists, assess consumers’ information needs regarding electronics. Which television is best for gaming? How do you take a screenshot on your laptop? What exactly is the difference between a ceramic and induction cooktop? We translate this broad information demand into consumer-focused content articles, all based on extensive SEO research and competitor analysis. We gather these articles in specific content hubs, ensuring customers can find all their answers in one organized place. This approach enhances MediaMarkt’s discoverability and visibility, both directly on the website and through search engines.

What have we discovered? | Data & tech meets creativity

MediaMarkt’s customers have a strong desire for information. This is evident from the substantial monthly search volumes on queries such as “How do I get WhatsApp on my tablet?” and “What are the best Apple Watch apps?” We quickly realized that the collaboration between MediaMarkt, an authority in consumer electronics, and Matter, an expert in creating relevant and inspiring SEO content, resulted in a considerable growth in website traffic and search engine rankings (see Number don’t lie for more information). Additionally, we found that MediaMarkt performs well when it meets information needs that are not directly related to electronics, such as festival checklists, Easter brunch inspiration, and spring cleanings tips. MediaMarkt has now become the Electronics Experience Champion, emphasizing the importance of both electronics knowledge and providing an exceptional in-store and online experience.


What was our solution? | Content Solutions

Our aim is to create a significant and inspiring online platform that ensures MediaMarkt’s customer promise, established before the existence of the worldwide web, stands strong even in 2023. On this platform, MediaMarkt’s customers can access the information they seek and discover new information they didn’t know they needed. The platform assists consumers in making informed choices for their electronics while simultaneously driving traffic to the MediaMarkt website. Relevant and SEO-optimized rich content enhances MediaMarkt’s discoverability and broadens its reach.


Numbers don’t lie! | Unlocking full potential with data

Over the course of a year, we have crafted more than 350 rich content articles for MediaMarkt’s Dutch and Belgian websites (in both Dutch and French). In that same timeframe, the 123 articles for the Netherlands alone have received over 400,000 organic search visits. Each article is optimized for a primary keyword with the highest search volume, supplemented with relevant secondary keywords. Out of the 123 primary keywords, 47 currently rank in the top 3 of Google’s search result page. In summary, comprehensive SEO and keyword research, paired with tailored copy, undeniably form the key to success. 
Do you want to be a part of our success? Or do you want us to take part in your company strategy? Reach out to Leanne Hermans, head of content, for any information about our way of working. We’ll be happy to hear from you.  

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Head of content 
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