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Gicom helps your brand create content with long-term value and short-term impact. As a result, you can truly interact with your audience and substantially grow your business.

Stay ahead

For over 40 years, we help brands to interact with their audience in meaningful ways. With smart strategy and rock-solid content. Time- and cost-efficient.

Make your marketing profitable

We develop new and innovative business models for you. We create media kits and handle advertising sales in your owned media. As smoothly as if it was automated.

Affordable, actionable

We provide you with actionable ideas, insights and strategies to make your content smarter and translate it to other channels.

Our work

Our work

Our work

Our work

Our work


Where content and data meet


Storytelling to empower brands is our passion and our talent. We have over 40 years of experience in creating editorial concepts and content that really makes a difference.

We create spot-on content that people want to read, watch, hear and share. We do this by creating a great and seamless experience for your audience across all channels. Gicom helps you scale, personalise, optimise, measure and distribute your content.


Data and insights are always the starting point and end game of our work. By thoroughly understanding how people respond to something, whether they consume it or not, or whether they are open to it or not, ensures that we will create content that truly impacts them. Along the way, we are able to make adjustments and optimizations based on data.

With our Content KPI Model and our tools for measuring omnichannel results and effects, every item and every campaign becomes increasingly better and more effective.

Let’s unlock your brand’s full potential with our content workshop!

As a brand, how do you manage to touch your target audiences the right way? It all starts with developing a strong content strategy. Because no matter how strong your content is, its effectiveness stands or falls with the strategic foundation. Discover how to set up a well-thought-out content strategy and book a content workshop tailored to your company now. The Gicom content workshop is tailored to the wishes, questions and needs of your brand, and is spread over 2 days.

True partners, real results

We are proud of our track record of long-lasting partnerships with our clients. Together we rise.

Recent Matter projects

Development of new social strategy, combined with the creation of always-on content and social hero campaigns.

Integrated approach of inspirational content and activations on both owned and social platforms. In 4 countries.

SEO driven content hub on Rabobank.nl on electrification for SME. Driving inspiration and conversion.

SEO strategy, as well as creation of SEO content and inspirational content for MediaMarkt. In the Netherlands and Belgium.

New future-proof brand and content strategy development, together with NS.

Headless communication employee platform Contxt.

New future-proof brand and content strategy development, together with NS.

We’ll take care of your content & make it work!

Either you just want to discuss your business or want to become part of the future of publishing by joining a vibrant team of advertising professionals: you’re always welcome to drop by our cosy office in Berchem (Antwerp) and say hello.