Celebrate 40 years of Allerhande magazine!

Allerhande magazine gets to make 40 wishes, and we celebrated this special anniversary with a cake packed edition! For the last 4 decades, over 4 million readers have devoured 400 editions of Allerhande magazine, every single one created by our MPG team in collaboration with Albert Heijn. Parallel to the magazine’s success, Allerhande evolved into an inspiring online food platform, including an app and active social media community. All-round culinary abundance, with over 22,000 online recipes and 3,000 delicious videos which inspire millions of people every day. 

The cover star of our birthday edition is Daniëlle’s winning pear cake. She participated in a contest where readers could submit their own cake creations. The recipes of the runner up and the third and fourth contestant are also featured in the magazine.

One of our videos takes you on a culinary journey through forty years of Allerhande food history. It shows several Dutch dining tables throughout the years, filled with everything from traditional Dutch dishes to sushi and even an avocado sandwich. From the introduction of all sorts of new ingredients and dishes to encouraging more tasty, healthy, and sustainable meals  – Allerhande has influenced Dutch eating habits from the very first moment.  

Click here to look back on forty years of Allerhande.