Explore the world of AI with Matter

You’ve probably heard of the new AI tool: ChatGPT. An absolute gamechanger. That’s why we’re taking you into the world of AI, sharing tips for using the tool, and telling you how we at Matter view this development.

What is ChatGPT?

It’s simple: ask the program a clear question or give it a task. It doesn’t matter how you phrase the question or in what language. The chatbot will provide an answer. “Persuade my kids, in 100 words, to eat more vegetables the way Louis van Gaal would,” or summarize this long, boring article in an exciting short story. ChatGPT gets to work right away and in no time, a clearly written answer appears on your screen. And what’s more, ChatGPT processes your request into a fluent story with minimal spelling errors. Even in Dutch. 

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT has been trained using an enormous amount of data. This dataset consists of billions of web pages collected from the internet, from news articles and blog posts to forums. The tool generates texts that seem to be written by a human. When you ask a question to the chatbot, it analyzes the text and uses the information it has learned from the dataset to formulate an answer. 

It is even more important for brands to create quality content

The implications of ChatGPT 

ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology that can change the way people live and learn. But, as with any innovation, it can also have implications for different professions, including possibly yours. Microsoft, which has already invested in ChatGPT, has contributed an additional $10 billion to add this technology to Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Soon, as a user within these applications, you can also use AI to create texts, formulas, emails, and presentations. Need programming code, translations, or summaries? ChatGPT can handle that too. 

Although ChatGPT can do a lot, it cannot do everything. For example, it cannot (yet) create video content, graphics, animations, interactive content, or data analysis. It is also important to remember that ChatGPT retrieves information from the internet only up to the end of 2021. So, do not ask ChatGPT about the latest iPhone update or developments and trends that are yet to come. Let the AI tool assist you, but do not expect up-to-date content. It is even more important for brands to create quality content, be distinctive, and choose a surprising approach. Therefore, the role and control of content creators remain crucial, and their forward-looking antennae are just as important. 

Our vision on artificial intelligence

Let’s be clear, ChatGPT is here to stay. Matter embraces the developments of ChatGPT and believes that this AI application plays an important role in the world of technology.

That’s why Matter offers masterclasses on topics such as AI & copywriting, AI & design, and AI & video. And that’s not all. Matter has provided its entire team with their own AI application, which allows unlimited use of ChatGPT and DALL-E, without the limited capacity of OpenAI. And Matter goes even further.

We focus on developing various websites and applications using no-code/low code platforms, with the aim of integrating digital developments and supporting tools to provide our clients with the best service possible. And that goes beyond just the use of ChatGPT. 

Unlock your full potential 

Advancements in digital technology are of great importance to us as content specialists. We proactively test and track these developments to provide our clients with the best possible content and service. And it goes far beyond just ChatGPT. There are countless alternatives, including Bard (from Google), Jasper.ai, Midjourney, and 970 other (AI) tools.

By following and testing these developments, we determine which tools or systems to add, keep track of, or replace in our tech stack. This way, as Matter, we continuously optimize our services. 

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