Meet Matter: Eefje Gubbens

Meet Eefje Gubbens, who has been supporting our team as business unit director since February.

Who is Eefje?

Born and raised in Breda, Eefje moved to Amsterdam at the age of nineteen. Soon she will leave the capital to settle in Haarlem with her boyfriend. In her spare time you can find her with her camper in nature, by the sea or enjoy cooking and drinks with friends.

I believe in the power of collaboration and that you can build a lot together

What attracted you to Matter?

“I have been working with brands for about fifteen years. For the past eight years I worked at RTL’s sales house: BrandDeli/Ad Alliance, where I held various sales and management positions at the ‘internal advertising agency’. In these fifteen years my focus has always been on brands and creating content and strategy for different media platforms.”

“Those two aspects appealed to me in working at Matter, the largest content marketing agency in the Netherlands. A company with a lot of in-house knowledge and the opportunity to work with all kinds of great brands. I believe in the power of collaboration and that you can build a lot together. With the right strategy, open and honest communication and the goal of growing things together. We can handle a process from A to Z: from the strategy, the concept to content creation. In this approach we include SEO and tech to develop data-driven content. We are an extension of the brands. That appeals to me.”

“Creativity is a common thread through my work. And don’t forget food. Matter is a huge expert in food content (think of our customers Allerhande, Delhaize, Gall & Gall etc.) and as a true food lover I feel completely at home here. Step into our office and the smell of good food will greet you. How nice is that?”

What are your duties as business unit director?

“As I am responsible for the business side of our customers, I am involved in all projects and I consider the associated business issues. My role is to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that we grow together with them. Together with my team, I monitor whether we are achieving the client’s and Matter’s objectives through the right content strategy and creation. My team works closely with the content team.”

Where is your strength?

“As I said, I like working together and joining forces. I also really like change. It gives me energy. I work solution-oriented and try to get the positive out of everything. I am constantly looking for opportunities to work with even more brands. And also the continuous improvement of the current collaborations, with a personal approach. I really make friends with my clients.”

“With my vision on joining forces, the importance of the social aspect in customer relationships and the years full of quality and knowledge at Matter, I strive to merge and strengthen these elements. I believe that we can achieve even more great things here. successes, while of course we continue to create beautiful content for inspiring brands.”

Eefje Gubbens
Business unit director
+31 6 42 30 41 35