The success of your content marketing is in your hands

How a headless approach can make your content marketing smarter, better and more effective

In 2023, every brand, company or organisation is a content company. Content marketing is a great way to reach, engage, inspire and activate different target groups. It enables you to build more longterm relationships with your audience than push advertising However, too often the effectiveness of content marketing is still being questioned. What measurable results does it deliver? And how do you keep it sustainable with all those different channels? A headless approach to content marketing can make all the difference here. 

Choosing for success
Content marketing can strongly contribute to measurable goals in brand, sales, loyalty and behaviour. It is not surprising that 81%* of B2C marketers define their content marketing approach as successful. At the same time, the majority struggles to develop engaging content and make it easily measurable across all channels. 

You can tell great stories and create content all you want, but if it does not resonate enough or is only reaching too small a group, it will not do much for you. Deciding on success starts with a solid strategy combined with a tight operational plan and uniform direction on content marketing.  

The 3 S’s of content marketing success are the cornerstone

Story x Place x Time: The serendipity of content marketing
Content marketing can be complex, as you have to deal with different internal stakeholders, the development of ideas, the actual creating of the content, and the publishing on numerous owned and paid channels. And preferably everything has to be in line with your brand story and brand image. The interplay between a good strategy and a tight operational plan is therefore essential. It is not just about telling the right story, but about doing so at the right time and in the right place. Strategy lays the foundation, but execution makes all the difference. 

In the strategy phase, you decide on content choices and make the link from these stories to your target audience’s customer journey. So, it’s of importance that place and time come together in your storyline. It’s the content’s job to inform you when you are in need for that specific information, to inspire when you have the mental space for it, to activate when you are ready to take action and to keep you involved as a loyal, returning customer.  

It should not be this complicated 
All of this sounds great, but it also sounds complex and costly. And this is without even mentioning the impact and measurability. The good news is that you can quite easily improve the management of your content marketing, and with it its affordability and its effectiveness, when you organise your content activities slightly differently and make technology work for you.
That’s what we aim to achieve with a headless approach to content marketing. In which the 3 S’s of content marketing success are the cornerstone. The headless approach will Sharpen, Simplify and Speed up your content marketing. 

Content marketing gets better when the quality of the content improves, and the measurable effect becomes visible and tangible. This can be achieved by developing a data- and insights driven content strategy that truly embraces the customer journey and determines which barriers you want to overcome, which pain points you can debunk and which motivations you can fuel. In the strategy, we link these goals to channels and to a measurement plan that defines ‘back-to-back’ KPIs, derived from the overarching marketing objectives. With this focus, you will immediately sharpen your content marketing. 

The operational plan focuses on simplifying the process of cross-media content creation, distribution and measurability. A headless content platform can greatly simplify this process for a small team with a clear division of roles. A headless content platform is a platform that makes creating, managing and publishing content easy by storing it centrally. All your channels are connected to the headless content platform and from here you manage and distribute all content assets. It simplifies the execution of your multi-platform content strategy. The great thing is that in the headless platform, all channels come together and you already have an integrated dashboard with the performance of your content right from here. 

Speed up 
A headless content platform enables you to efficiently translate one story into consistent content assets (resources) for all channels and publish directly to them. This is where the help (assistance) of AI comes in, enabling you to create, distribute and optimise the various assets from that one story with enormous acceleration.
We’ve seen at several clients that this approach has lead to targeted growth on key KPIs, while keeping the process and costs tightly under control. In some cases, the final cost even turned out lowers.
It also centralises governance andprocesses, and therefore the efficiency within your organisation. The added value of content marketing can be even bigger, especially when it is executed in the right way.

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