Our services

We are Gicom. The content marketing agency that's been the go-to partner for omnichannel content marketing for brands and organizations for 40 years and counting. On digital and social. In video, magazines and e-zines.


We at Gicom create spot-on, effective content that helps you achieve your goals. Content that hits your audience in the heart of what is important to them. Content that makes an enduring impact.
Content that proves to be an eye-opening experience, involving all communication channels that complete the bigger picture and help make magic happen.


We offer you detailed and firmly founded benchmarks, consumer journeys and qualitative and quantitative audits. As well as robust content business modelling directly linked to a fully operational content strategy. But that’s definitely not all, folks! We also make sure that your content strategy drives substantial digital transformation.

Content creation

With nearly 40 years of experience in content production, we are eager to share our knowhow with you. Gicom is an expert in creating (targeted) emotional experiences that stay with every user.We create dedicated newsroom for each client, offering highly effective production tools. We can manage all different aspects of content production for you, from concept and creation to design and styling.

Content distribution

With technology, new workflows and distribution you can easily transfer content between platforms, and keep your audience happily hooked. On owned and paid media. We offer everything you need to appeal to your audience in one place. With just one ambition: to maximize the Return On Content.

Content meets tech

Simplify your data and content creation process and organize it better with AI and advanced tools. Store your created content as structured data in a headless platform to publish and re-use it over and over again. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to streamlined content management that saves you time and resources.

We’ll take care of your content and make it work!

Get in touch -without any obligations- and share your challenges with us. We can’t wait to help you unlock your brand’s full potential with content marketing.